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VISION Statement That Absolute Fitness and Weight Management provide a level of service narrowing the margin between health care, fitness and total well being for all populations, whether Healthy or Special.

The content of this Website : Copyright 2/11 

Please be advised that the profiles and programs supplied through this website are not to be nor suggested to be, replacement for medical providers and/or registered dietitians input and advisement. The profiles supplied by this website serve only as an alternative to weight and fitness management. No diet regiments will be defined, only suggestions following the guidelines of the USDA http://www.mypyramid.gov/ for healthy and/or special population groups.

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"This is me 254 lbs"



"This is me now at 190 lbs. I was told the amount of calories I could eat daily and I watched my portions. It was easy!" Nick from New York.

                                        Before                                                                             After

"I have been on diets since I was thirteen.  They ranged from pills to the latest Weight Watchers.  Some were more successful then others but the weight always came back and more.  This program seems to give me the freedom I need to be successful. I was given the amount of calories I could consume on a daily basis and the guidelines for healthy eating.  I even eat out since most restaurants now offer a selected group of precalculated calorie plates. With the support from Aspasia this program is very doable with a great deal of success. All this is done through emails with Aspasia. I have not met with her in person. To date I have lost 101 pounds! I am in a caloric deficit and the weight just keeps coming off slowly and surely." Sabina from Pennsylvania Still Going Strong with 80 To Go. Update 03/23/12

"I have tried to lose weight dozens of times before, this weight management program really works.  It's not a diet, it is a design for living.  With my meal plan and exercise I saw results in just a few weeks." Ilene from Long Island, New York.

"It is my pleasure and privilege to express to all--what a blessing it is for anyone to have Aspasia in their life- friend-- Health and Well Being Coach and all her many talents that  enrich everyones life with such a positive light.  Always a champion for everyone---thank you always." Tara from Long Island New York.

"If you have injuries or special needs you need to work with Aspasia. She is very knowledgeable and safety always comes first.  I have knee issues and working with Aspasia I know I am working out safely while getting a great workout and getting stronger. It even works well when she writes my exercise programs remotely." Leslie from Long Island New York.

"This is all so interesting. I am finding this whole process, so far, interesting, enlightening, educational and exciting" Margaret from Long Island New York.